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  • I just have a question about the future plans of the SyncToy. There are lots of projects that Microsoft develops and they stop them after a time.

    One good example is the Live Mesh. It was my ultimate sync application which is now added to Live Sync (a part of Live Essentials). There are two problems here. Live Mesh was far superior to Live Sync and the second one is that Live Sync only works under Windows Vista and higher OS. Some of us were using Live Mesh on our Windows Home Servers and mobile phones also.

    Another such discontinued product was a Microsoft Pro Photo Tools. It was a nice application which I used as an addition to Adobe Lightroom. The application was at the same group as SyncToy. The download page was here: www.microsoft.com/prophoto but this page suddenly dissapeared.

    I plan to start using SyncToy and DropBox.com instead of the Live Mesh that Microsoft dropped. As you can see I'll have to use two applications now instead of just one which will only result in higher computer resources consumption. But I'm afraid that Microsoft will drop the SyncToy also. Can someone please say somethign about this?

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010 9:08 PM