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  • Dear MA Support Team,

    Could you, please, explain what principle do you use when adding references to the papers? The problem is that most of the papers either does not  have any reference list or has just few references. For this reason the statistics (H-index etc.) is wrong most of the time. For example,  this paper {example} has 33 references (you can find the information here, for instance, {example}  However, Microsoft Academic Search website shows 0. This is just an example. 

    Please, explain how to add the correct references to papers? Can the users do it by themselves?

    Best regards,


    Wednesday, February 01, 2012 6:09 PM


  • Hi Maria,

    Thanks for your concern for our website. The citation relationship is mined and calculated by the system and currently we don't support users to add the references by themselves. Right now, some display results may need improving due to data coverage and we are sorry for the inconvenience it caused. However, we are enhancing our system and widening our info coverage from time to time. So very hopefully, it'll become better and better. And we'll very appreciate your continuous support. Thanks again.


    Academic Search Feedback Team

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