SyncToy 2.0 Decrypts Encrypted Files??? RRS feed

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  • I've got 2 users on a machine running XP-PRO.

    The second user has a D:\secret\ folder that is encrypted and contain encrypted files.
    There second user also has set up a SyncToy pair from D:\secret\ to H:\Sync Echo D Secret Backup.

    If the second user updates or adds some files to D:\secret the are encrypted as it should be.

    If the first User, without encryption access runs SyncToy from D:\secret to H:\Sync Echo D Secret Backup the newly added files are transferred to the H drive, but ARE NOT ENCRYPTED!! And can now be viewed by the first User!

    This would seem to completly invalidate any security that file encryption would offer!

    Have I done something wrong? What would prevent anyone from running SyncToy on encrypted folders to back them up in an un-encrypted fashion for viewing by the general population?

    Thanks if anyone can help!
    Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:02 PM