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  • I've been using WM phones for about 8 years and these are my suggestions.

    1- File Explorer: 
      -  Why does it show FileName FullDate and FileSize?  it makes imposible to read files with long names. Date and file size must be displayed in a smaller font size and  different color under FileName giving piority to FileName or even not showed, only to be seen in file properties.
      -  When in folder that contains pictures, it should let us see Thumbnails from pics, not only names,date,size,type.
      -  When click and hold over a file and pop-menu opens it should have an option "Send as Email" so if you are watching the file you dont have to open outlook to send it.
      -  I have Skype installed and there is an option as above, click-hold and in menu shows "Send with Skype", Why there isnt for sending with Live Mesenger?
    2- Today Settings:
      -  When selecting "use this picture as the background" and open Browse option, only can choose Folder and Type and read file names, completely Useless!! I need to see the picture, not read its name, and If I know its name it should allow to type the name as in "search phone" provided.
    3- Contacts - Outlook - Live Messenger:
      -  Everybody is looking for facebook integration and so, why isnt there any Live Messenger contacts integration? that fill in contacts with Messenger Picture, Messenger Personal message, Messenger status on contact list, updates etc.
      -  There is an option to sync contacts (replace or merge option) the problem is that most of them dont have their full name or are not alike. eg: Michael and Mike, or Alex and Alexander, so these are not merged nor replaced, I have 1 new duplicated contact. again, useless! I should be able to manually relate these contacts and manually merge the data I want.
      -  Please dont put LastName-FirstName as default, this is not Yellowpages, I should be FirstName-LastName.
    4- Task Manager - task switcher - TopBar
      -  A easy way to change between opened programs is taskmanager, it would be good ir when we click on top and top bar increase its size (new wphone 6.5) to add a button for task manager to open so I dont have to change anything on today or add to any buttons (have only 1 in my diamond 2)
      -  There are more utilities for Top Bar, program that run in background, messaging programs like live messenger can be an Icon there, like Volume,Battery,Signal, etc. to it would be a quick acces to them. Also not using those ugly white icons, use them full color incons like from StartMenu, GREEN when online and so on. they can dissapear when program is off. It would be goo to be able to choose like 3 or 4 program to allow to work in background and TopBar as Quickaccess.
    5- Calendar:
      -  We've already heard many about this, Contacts and calendar, appointments, birthdays should be merged to make it realy usefull.
    6- Start Menu:
      -  on Wphone 6.5 is an option when click-hold to "Move to Top", that a horrible way to sort icons as you want, there must be also the option to click-hold and move it wherever you want. I dont like thinking the order I must move them to Top so they stay as I want very unconfortable.
    7- Lock Screen:
      -  I can only see 1 appointment, what happent to all others that I have the next hour and so? It must diplay with smaller fonts and at lease 4 appointments. Is not good to have to unlock the phone to remember whats next.
    8- RingTones & Sound Settings
      -  This should give as the option to choose from wich folder Ring tones are loaded, in main memory it occupy space and in storage card (main SCard without folder) is not sorted, they must be in a folder.
      -  There must be an option to create RingTone Profiles as: Normal,Meeting,Office,Silence,Outdoor, etc. And will algo be cool if we could assing one of them with calendar or something to program when to be activated.
      -  Alarms could work with the phone off as other phones do, so dont need to waist battery life during night.
    9- Bluetooth
      -  Should be inproved, it doesnt connect to lots of devices (stereo bluetooth, car-audio bluetooth) I had to install a 3rd party app to be hable to make'em work. all other phone OS do connect natively to these devices.
      -  I need to se downloading % and choose directory when reciving file.
    10- Media Player
      -  There's not much to say about it, there are so meny complains about it. Nobody wants to use it because of its UI, tiny buttons and all. I hope you change it for Zune app and make us happy listening music or watching videos in our devices.
    11- Text Messages and Email
      -  As I said with FileExplorer, Why do I see messages size? 1k, 5k ?or why so big? Please, bigger ContactNames
      -  If I write a new SMS, it doesnt have to show me From: SMS/MMS on message and also on top start bar. You can avoid that line and may be add a more usefull one like some way so selec favorites for group contacts or something. It doesnt have to show me ContactName <phoneNumber>, just contact name and an icon for home,mobile,work, etc, to save space, you name and icon could be make it bigger.
      -  On emails, give us a better way to sync Folders from emails accounts, let u choose what more, not only Inbox. and make an Alert sound when new email in X-Folder arrive.
      -  Hotmail email, It wuold be good to be hable to choose how many emails do I want to sync from inbox or other folder, emails from Today,1day,1week and whatever else.
    12- Live Messenger
      -  When will we be able to be connected on the phone and Pc at the same time. if someone writes to me on the phone and I am arriving home/office I'd like to continue the conversation, not starting one new trying to remember what did they wrote to me. also important when saving some info. important data they wrote you. (skype already let us do it, very good to keep track from conversations from both sides, phone and pc)
    13- Internet Explorer
      -  There is only ONE reason why I dont use Internet Explorer on my phone and that is because it doesnt wrap text to fit window when zooming.
    14- Sync and BackUp
      -  ActiveSync is ok, but there are some things left... sync folders, not My Documents that is on main storage and nobody uses it because everybody use storageCards (8GB,16GB,4GB) so the sync must give us the option to choose where is the folder we want to sync, which from storageCard to be synchend.
      -  Outlook should sync SMS, it is also everyday comunicaction as Emails are, they have to be synched too. (I know there is MyPhone for online, but its not as friendly as Outlook offline)

    I cant remember more right now, I hope it would help you improve and make good to all of us, and bringe more WPhone users.

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 7:50 PM

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  • Well thought out post ... thanks for your input. 
    Jack Cook
    Thursday, December 3, 2009 4:34 PM
  • I would add that the media player should not automatically search the entire device. You should set which folders it searches, perhaps with an option for the entire device. But it really is annoying when every single audio file gets treated as as "music" by the media player.

    Same with pictures...
    Friday, December 4, 2009 11:08 PM
  • Good point SCK9 ... I would like that ability as well
    Jack Cook
    Sunday, December 6, 2009 5:17 PM
  • While we're on the subject, another thing that I would like to see is when you try to attach a file to an email, it should let you browse to the folder before it searches it.

    Right now if you try to attach a file, 3you have to wait while it searches the entire device, and then you select the folder and the file within that folder.

    it would also be nice if you could choose storage card or main memory, and then browse the folder within either the storage card or main memory. Right now, you just get a list of folders from both the storage card and main memory (entire device) without telling you the location of the folder.

    And, again, this is after a significant wait while it searches the entire device and lists every single file on the entire device.

    Hopefully whoever is working on the next version of Windows Mobile can see this thread and get this stuff corrected in the next version...
    Sunday, December 6, 2009 7:54 PM
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