live onecare will not open for me.it will not remove itself.says sometimes i have it installed and sometimes its uninstalled RRS feed

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  • i up graded windows and now my live onecare wont work.i have gone through it all.looking for removal tools,adding programs that were missing and quite frankly grasped at any straw that i thought would help.nothing worked.i have a live onecare icon that starts up live onecare but goes straight to send error message to microsoft.i have tryed to fix my mail @live.com for my ID and i think i got it working.but who knows.it likes to tells me i dont have an ID.i have gone into opening live onecare by administer,by user but they ask for password and say its wrong.so is my password from my @live.com not the same as the password for live onecare??????????? anyway another strange thing happened when i got live onecare first.it refused to reconise my computer as adminastraitor............................

    i know i am stupid when it comes to computers but how in a simple way do i get back live onecare (90 day trial) OR remove it from my computer.if i cant have live onecare i dont need it in my computer.what confuses me is that i remove live onecare but when you do a search you find that the program is still in the computer and when you try to delete it it says you cant.

    is live onecare really worth the trouble.................... .......HELP

    Saturday, October 4, 2008 7:01 PM


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