Feature Request - Folder Pair Import/Export RRS feed

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  • It's been mentioned in one thread I cannot find any more but it would be enormously useful to have a feature in SyncToy that allows you to very easily import and export folder pairs with their various rules included. I have around 50 pairs set up and each time I format my PC or want to use a different machine to sync from I have to manually re-create them all.

    Similarly, the ability to easily change the directories would be useful. An example - you keep all your photos on drive D and set up SyncToy to echo from D. You then buy an external HDD and shift them all to that, so now your source drive for "photos" is actually E. In SyncToy currently you'd have to delete the existing pair and make a new one that points from E. The ability to simply edit a pair would overcome this common issue very easily. It would also mean that you could export your entire pair list into a new machine, update the dirs very quickly and be up-and-running easily.

    A simple File > import/export d-box would be fantastic.

    Monday, August 4, 2008 8:51 AM