Node & Core Allocation Priorities for Tasks in the JOB RRS feed

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    I am having HPC with 4 Compute Nodes and each node having 8 Cores.

    While Submitting Job with 8 Tasks, it is allocating all this tasks to single node. Because of this my JOb is running slowly. This bahaviour with Default Job Template.

    After changing  MinimumNumberOfNodes property to 4.My job is running on 4 nodes and placed the remaining 4 tasks on queue.

    But my requirement is to First allocate Tasks on nodes available and after all nodes are occupied with single cores then assign the remaining tasks on other available cores.

    Job with 8 tasks. My Job should run with the following resources.

    1 -Task- M1-Core1
    2 -Task- M2-Core1
    3 -Task- M3-Core1
    4 -Task- M4-Core1
    5- Task -M1-Core2
    6- Task -M2-Core2
    7- Task -M3-Core2
    8- Task -M4-Core2

    Thanks in Advance
    PVASN Murthy

    Thursday, March 5, 2009 11:08 AM


  • Unfortunately we don't have a built in way of specifying that you want round-robin placement.  There are a couple of things you could try though:

    • Submit each task a separate, 1 core job and /orderby the number of available cores
    • Submit 4 Node tasks which run a script that starts two tasks (or just set your command line to "myapp1.exe && myapp2.exe")
    • Use MPI to start them.  Request 4 nodes and then do an mpiexec /cores:2 for 4 nodes with 2 cores each


    Tuesday, March 10, 2009 6:57 PM