Cannot remove a drive, and other reinstall problems. RRS feed

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  • OK, my primary 1TB drive was dying, so I replaced it with a 500GB drive. Since the extra space on the drive is essentially useless, I figured it made some sense.

    Currently, one of my other drives is also dying, according to SMART. I would really like to replace it. It's a 1TB drive of the same make and model of the primary drive that I replaced. Unfortunately, WHS refuses to allow me to remove the drive; it claims that I don't have enough free space. Even when I have 1.8TB of free space. The strange thing is that, if I free up enough space to remove one of my 1.5TB drives, WHS will allow me to do that just fine. But that 1TB drive simply cannot be removed.

    Is there a way to remove it nicely? That is, without physically removing the drive and telling WHS to deal with it?

    Also, ever since the reinstall, the WHS machine has had unusually high "System" storage. The System size should just be the size of the primary harddrive, but in this case it's not. It absorbs free memory until it bloats back up to the 1TB size of the original primary harddrive.

    What is going on here? When you reinstall WHS with a new primary harddrive, does it have to be an exact match to the previous one?

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