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  • Hello All

    I have installed the CRM Outlook client (2011 UR16) and have been testing the Track in CRM functionality.

    I am finding some unwanted results.

    1. I received an email from a work colleague. Click Track in Outlook. It creates the Email Activity in CRM but the 'From' value has been set as a contact with the same email address as me and the 'To' value has been set as numerous Contacts, Accounts and Leads that all have my email address (This is a test environment hence the number of records with my email address).

    I can understand why the 'To' is set to my email address but why is the 'From' also being set to me rather than the person who actually sent the email.


    Test Email sent from 'James' to 'Tim' outside of CRM. Tim chooses to Track in CRM. CRM Email Activity sets 'From' to 'Tim' and 'To' to 'Tim'.

    2. The record types matched in the 'To' value of the CRM email seem to be all that are value, including Facilities/Equipment. How can I configure it to only match against certain record type.

    3. Some of the records matched do not have an exact email match, the domain is slightly different. Why

    Any answers to these questions would be much appreciated. I have tried numerous setting combinations but still having the same issues.


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