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  • WHS works marvelously, in my experience, in backing up client PC's and restoring them.  What I'm worried about is what happens when the primary hard drive on the server fails. 


    As I understand it, the recovery process is that you replace the failed hard drive, do a server reinstallation, and WHS will rebuild your tombstones and restore your data, as long as everything is duplicated (anything non-duplicated that lived on the primary would be gone).


    But what if you don't have a spare hard drive lying around to replace your failed one?  I imagine most folks won't -- indeed, with the elegant way WHS handles additional hard drives, I imagine most folks will be tempted to add any spare HD's to the WHS pool.  What I think that means is that server reinstall will frequently mean formatting a drive that was formerly part of the pool in order to make a new primary drive.  And this means losing data, unless you go through a tedious process of installing the drive first into another PC and backing up any data on there.


    But here's an idea.  When you add a second hard drive to the WHS pool, WHS should format the drive and create two partitions -- a data partition and an empty 20GB partition.  If the primary fails, you simply install WHS into the empty partition and you're back up and running without formatting a whole drive or losing data.

    Sunday, July 8, 2007 12:04 PM

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  • Not bad...not bad.

    I'd like to see where WHS backs up the OS so I don't loose my WHS webs, services, AV and all the settings. Plunk in a new primary drive, put in the WHS disk and run a tool that reinstalls the back up OS from an image file. Now that would be slick.

    But WHS with only one HD? And then be able to back up? Wow, without somewhere to alternatively store data (another PC, usb HD etc)....I'm not sure how that would happen.
    Sunday, July 8, 2007 2:27 PM
  • It might have to be an option only for systems with 2 hard drives, but I still think that it would be worthwhile.  Even better, have an alternate boot partition configuration so that when the system doesn't immediately find the primary, it tries the secondary.  If that's too difficult to pull off, then the idea of doing a nightly backup of the primary partition to a second device is a great idea.  The "recover" option could detect that backup, and just restore it.  Myabe I'm making this too simplistic...
    Monday, July 9, 2007 2:53 AM