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  • You folks need to stop using the darn pre-canned answers to problems that are posted on here repeatedly. There are so many open ended threads on certain issues that are repeated over and over that the inneficiency is why  you are unable to keep up. Simply posting the same question to every user who is asking the same question that has been asked over again, and then you ask the same question. Use history, post answers not questions to questions. It is a great tactic to delay support. I know I worked support for a long time. Do reinvestigate something as if it is new each time is a waste of your time and ours. It is also a drain on your company. Is there no database for you to search and bring forth the soultions already found? The Error code  0x80040154 is all over this forum and all that happens is you post the same canned questions to the users then never get back to them. Most users that need support are not savvy enough to even accomplish what you are asking, stick with them and bring it to a conclusion. Otherwise just don't come to the forum, it just provides someone a reason to not continue to try to find answers. If you aren't going to help then just let this be a user forum and we will help each other the best we can. At least the expectations would be properly set.


    Users: No one will give support unless you give at least basic information. What were you doing when it happened, what version of windows and what service pack. That is all available by right clicking on "my computer" and choosing "properties" There is also a free program called "Belarc" install it and it will provide you with every bit of information about your sytem and software. Typical stall tatics in support are asking these questions BUT they are also needed in many cases. Simply beat them to the punch. I do not mean any thing by "stall tactic" the stall may be simply to be sure that the right solution is provided.


    All my opinion but I am partial to my opinions :-) I will help when I can...

    Monday, January 2, 2012 12:38 AM