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  • Hi all,


    First I must say that I love the idea and concept of the WHS and with a little addons and changes it will be a pretty nifty solution for home. I presently have an entertainment server setup at home, I use a Win2K3 server with the DFS feature to manage shares and the different permissions for the family.


    Every media I purchase is ripped and stored on the entertainment server and I store the hard copy away. My existing server is 4TBs and I would love to be able to add this to the new WHS setup but when I try to do so it wants to format my drives, well, that's a no no for me so that's not going to cut it. I created a DFS namespace on the WHS and it is not being made accessible in the console.


    Wouldn't it be nice if we would add our existing drives with data to the WHS setup and have it shared out just like the other folders, it would get the same permission requests and settings just as the other folders created by the server. Also, when the server is being built and configured it should allow all the systems being added via the connector CD to join the same server name group.


    I would think that the concept of having the "Home Server" would mean a private network of systems on the same workgroup. I was able to give access to one of my systems that was joied to my business domain, kinda kewl but I wouldn't want it to be that way. This is a security risk and will not fly for businesses. We all know how we like to share access and resources across the board, think about a business laptop being able to assign shares to a local home server :-), I don't think so. Leaving this up to the user to decide not to do this will not fly.



    1. Allow the server to create a specific group name and all systems being joined via the connector CD/software should also be in that group.

    2. Allow the propagation of the DFS namepspace, permissions and access via the console.

    3. Allow other shares on the conected systems to be added and accessible by all users and systems in the workgroup. I tried this and it kept prompting for a login info.

    4. Please do not hack into my router and configure PnP, lol, this freaked the hell out of me and I didn't like it. Make it an advisory and show how it should be done. With security being a major issue even at the consumer level I don't want anything having this level of access to make any changes to my router. This could be a manufacturer issue as well because it only happened to 2 of the named vendors but not to one other.

    5. Allows us to add drives with existing media files on it - PLEASE. Just allow it to get the permissions set for the users and propagate. 

    6. Keep up the good work, lovin' it. Lots of good potentials. Still learning it and hoping to spend more time with it.

    7. Oh yea, please do not allow domain systems to be added to the WHS network unless it is first added to a workgroup.


    Thank you,


    ~Brett A. Scudder~

    Saturday, May 12, 2007 9:32 PM