Using Powershell to move users to security group dependent on account age RRS feed

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  • Greetings,

    This is a first post to this forum and I've been searching around for answers based on this. I was given an interesting task and hopefully someone has an answer to this. The jist of it is when a user is created in our environment the account would be moved to a specific security group. Now, this is with an added twist. The account at 0 days old would be moved to X security group and at 7 days old would be moved out of the security group.

    The script would run lets say every 7 days. Is there anything else that has to be considered for this?

    Ive been looking around to see if there is a script already that shows this or if there is a cmdlet but havent found anything specific. Not sure if im searching this incorrectly or not. Im a powershell newb but hopefully someone can help.

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