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  • Quick question I was wondering if someone could help me with!

    Within the Social Pane (ie. pane that contains Posts, Activities, & Notes) each item listed displays only its modified date, and not its created date. This is creating problems, as when users modify or update old notes or emails, the original date the item was input in the system is no longer visible.

    There is only modified date listed here, and not created date. This is the same with all items under posts, activities, and notes. There is no created date. This is most problematic with notes where there is not a root item that can be dived into to gather more information (ie. unlike when you can click on an activity or an email to be directed to a pane with more information). Instead the note exists simply in the opportunity. As soon as it is modified, I have no idea how to find out when it was created.

    Is anyone aware if there is anyway to add this?

    Thanks! :D

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  • I am really hoping that there are some improvements to the social pane in UR2. As you say the the createdby and owner are often more important, especially when importing records as you cannot set modifiedby and imported completed activities that show correctly is impossible OOTB. Additionally, REGARDING must be considered mandatory as otherwise you don't know where the record is rolled up from! Thanks
    Tuesday, February 4, 2014 10:08 PM
  • Ahhhh. That is too bad that this is not possible.

    I, as you, hope they add this feature soon in the future.

    Without it the social pane becomes more problematic then beneficial within complicated opportunity development.

    Thanks for your response! :)
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