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    Suggestions for SyncToy 2.1


    1. Need way to have program ignore 1 hour difference in file time stamps.  This is driving me up the wall.  I am seeing problem between full NTFS drives, not just with NTFS vs flash drives,


    1. Need a way to check or uncheck groups of files in Preview.


    1. If you decide to not sync a file the program should remember it.


    1. The Preview Window should return to the same size as it was left on the last sync operation.




    1. What does “active for run all” mean in option window?


    1. What is procedure to return to SyncToy 1.4
    Monday, March 8, 2010 10:36 PM


  • Hi Dave,
        I am glad to see your suggestions and questions. Let me clarify them seperately.

    For your  suggestions:
    1. 1 hour time stamps issue on NTFS.
        [Ping] I think we have had this problme resolved on SyncToy 2.1, are you sure, you met this issue with SyncToy 2.1 ?
                 And can you provide more info for repro this issue?
    2. Check/uncheck groups files in preview.
        [Ping] Sure, we have considered giving this support in next version of SyncToy.
    3. Remember excluded file.
        [Ping] Yes, you can achieve this by adding filter in Inclusion/Exclusion part at Change Options page.
    4. Preview window keep the size user re-sized last time.
        [Ping] We will consider to support this in next version of SyncToy.

    For your questions:
    1. "Active for run all” means this folder will be include when you sync folder pairs with sync all folder pairs. And also the Active check box will be selected when you see  All folder pairs on main SyncToy UI page.

    2. We do not suggest to return to SyncToy 1.4. For now, there is no setup files download link for syncToy 1.4 either.


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    Tuesday, March 9, 2010 10:19 AM