My account is locked and in a situation to shut down the office RRS feed

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  • Here is my story. 

    Earlier we were using our live ID to login to my windows 10 on all office PC's. Later we decided to switch to image lock for all pc's . Then came the new *ing thought. We decided to change the image and add our logo. So we changed images from all PC's and kept it idle for some time. Later we noticed all our system is locked with live mail ID again and no way we can get into our PC or access files. 

    Next option was to reset the password of live mail. There we realized that two step verification is enabled by us and the number registered is no longer with us. So while trying to reset the live mail, we are getting reset mail on our secondary mail, but are asking to proceed to two step verification method, which we cant do. 

    So we contacted MS and told them that we will provide all necessary ID's to prove ourselves kindly either reset the password or change our two step verification. They asked us to follow some links and fill the forums. And finally said, after 30 days your two step verification will be disabled and you can login thereafter. We were like what the *. 

    30 days. ?

    Are you serious ?

    They also mentioned that there is no other go but to wait for this. 

    What are we supposed to do now ? Forget microsoft and move on ? Seriously we are thinking about that now. In future also stuffs like this can happen and we dont want to shut down the office , saying, we forget the password for our live ID and we are closed , to our clients. 

    All mail, documents, client details etc are gone now. And are really screwed. 

    We managed to open a new user account now but the older files are not accessible. If any one can help us with how to get files from admin user id or reset local password for admin id. It will be helpful for us.


    Monday, April 25, 2016 8:18 AM


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