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  • I totaly agree with you. It's like every other company, at first they will kiss your ____ so that they can sell their products, but once they've made their money, they don't give a ____ about anything. Microsoft is no better. I get error 80070643 every time I try to download updates. My computer is set to the reccomended setting " Auto update ", and when it tells me to update, I go to do it but I keep getting the same thing, error 80070643. What are paying customers suppose to do ???? There is always the B B B, because something has to be done, because I've seen many forums about people having the same problem, with the same error code. There are other companies, and once the word gets around, they can lose more than they think, if this gets into a lawsuit. I hope you find an answer.
    Wednesday, December 30, 2009 11:31 PM

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