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  • Using Server-side sync we have an issue with incoming email matching. Have tried both smart-matching on its own, tracking token on its own and both turned on. The issue is that the email gets matched against multiple contacts. Now first, there are multiple contacts with the same email address in different accounts by design in our setup, BUT the outgoing email only went to one of these.

    As I understand it an incoming email is first matched to the corresponding outgoing one in CRM, and only then is the regarding set to the same. In this case HOW can the incoming email appear in the activities of more than one contact???

    To test and illustrate if I use advanced find to list my contacts with the same fullname (distinct contacts) I can drill into an incoming email activity listed in the activities pane, then drill out by clicking on regarding to a DIFFERENT distinct contact.

    By examining [p_RollupByContact] I can see that all activities will be listed that have a party linked to the roll up contact (which seems reasonable) but on evaluation I can see that truly those erroneous activities exist in the activitypointer table - so how did they get there???

    I must presume that the incoming email matching is adding these...

    Note we are using 2 NLB fullserver nodes (and it does not appear possible to disable the server-sync service on one) but I can't see why this should cause an issue???

    Any ideas or confirmation would be much appreciated.
    Sunday, January 19, 2014 10:43 AM

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  • Hi Chris,

    Any entity that can be used for email sending and receiving, Eg. Contact, Account etc., are referred to as ActivityParty in CRM.

    In principle, we resolve the email addresses to all valid ActivityParty resolutions for incoming emails.

    However, for outgoing emails, the user selects the ActivityParty to send the emails to, hence we do not add all other activity parties that have the same email address to the to list.

    The correlation process is only used to set the regarding field, It has no impact on address resolution.

    Hope that helps.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014 6:58 AM