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  • Overall the UI is quite usable. There is a big set of progress arrows, some simple buttons and good experience when you first make a panorama (other than the front page which is confusing due to the random hyperlinks).

    However, after the first panorama is exported there is a massive crash in usability in trying to work out how to make a second.

    If I click BACK then it steps through each screen until I get to the IMPORT. So I drag some more files in, but then have to manually remove the previous images (no drag box to assist). 

    Alternatively I click BACK one more time and am confronted with a box asking me to save my panorama (which I've already exported [I realise this is different, but it's not clear]). I "Discard" something, and then it's back with all the hyper-links and adverts. Bad. Also a duplication of buttons on the front page and in the top left. Poor UI.

    At this point I can simply drag files into the window, but this is not possible at the final Export stage in order to start a new panorama. I could click the new panorama from files button, but this is not how I first was able to start a panorama. Having two different ways to start a panorama might seem like a good idea but it breaks usability when at different points their behaviour or availability is changed. 


    A simple START OVER button after exporting. 


    This is a huge improvement over the previous version. It looks nicer and the ability to change the projection is a massive step forward. But just making something prettier is not necessarily making it easier to use if you think like a newbie.


    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 1:30 PM

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  • Thanks for the suggestion.  We agree that the new user interface design becomes awkward once you're finished with a panorama and want to start another one.  The small buttons at the top left  (New pano from images, New pano from video, Open existing pano) were meant to serve experienced users who know what they want to do next, but they're not helpful for new users.  We'll consider a "Start Over" button or a "Close Project" button for a future release.

    Eric Stollnitz, Computational Photography Group, Microsoft Research

    Thursday, March 26, 2015 11:29 PM
  • I've now been using the small top right icon buttons and this is a much more logical means of operating ICE. I this it is simply 'BACK' button which is redundant and therefore adds confusion.

    Some other thoughts from me (perhaps these are too specific to the way I use ICE). 

    • Save the panorama dialogue is a little annoying, but could only be solved by a user preference to not ask again.
    • Feedback when the export is complete could be helpful (a ticked box or some such indicator).
    • I realise it's not an Explorer window, but the feel of the files in the IMPORT screen is odd (e.g. click and drag)


    Friday, March 27, 2015 3:25 PM
  • I'd really like to underline just how much of an improvement the STITCH page is - this really is so much better to use, and you've clearly worked hard on the processing as it's able to re-render the images super quickly.


    Friday, March 27, 2015 3:27 PM