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  • I recently pulled a boneheaded stunt on a Vista laptop;  The hard drive was in two partitions, one of 2GB size which had been used for testing BitLocker (which was now disabled and not being used),  and the other which consisted of the remaining space and held everything else.  A few days back I idly noticed that the unused 2GB partition had just a few files on it, and was marked as the active partition. Wondering why it was marked active I decided to change it to inactive and make the main partition Active, which I did, then rebooted.


    Well, as I now know, that was a mistake because Vista keeps it's boot configuration info on the active partition, but since the new active partiton didn't hold the info, I got a pre-boot message that the boot configuration file was missing. Doh!


    Took a few minutes of searching on the web to learn that I could repair this by using the Vista DVDs to run repair, but since I hadn't had a chance to user the WHS restore feature, I decided to give it  a whirl. The restore ran well, but afterwards Vista still wouldn't boot, throwing the same error. I then used the DVD to repair, and in short order all was well.


    In any event, I got to thinking: as an IT manager I've done numerous cold metal rebuilds of crashed servers using imaging software such as Symantec's Backup Exec System Recovery (and its predecessor V2i), or ghost. Of course, with a crashed HD I hadn't changed the active partition, but was rebuilding onto new HDs. There was never a problem.


    The question or comment is: should the WHS restore feature restore/repair corrupted partition info? I'm inclined to think it should.

    Thursday, July 5, 2007 8:41 PM

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  • MBR repair is a different function than a file/drive restore.  But I agree the recovery CD should be able to handle it, or have it as an option.  I've yet to test it, so I'm not sure if the capability is there, all it takes is a shell and fdisk.
    Friday, July 6, 2007 12:12 AM