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  • I could use some help to make my .net program use connection pooling.
    I have a function that writes given parameter to an mysql database.

    In my code the Mysql part is like this:
    1.connection string
    2.new mysql connection
    3.connection open
    4.insert query
    5.connection close

    (these cause i have seen some examples using function to get the connection string. should i do that also?)

    In my connection string there is values pooling=true, Min pool size=25,
    Max Pool Size=100 and Connection Lifetime=10. I founded these values in
    some example so i could be using them wrong.

    When data is writen to the database i see in Mysql Administrator only one
    testuser connection but not 1 active and 24 idle testuser connection like it sould be?
    So the program is probably opening and closing only one connection.
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  • There are client and server side poolings. You are probably looking at the server pool.

    Try forums.mysql.com if you need more help in mysql's implementation of standard database protocols.

    This has nothing to do with Windows Forms data binding, the topic of this forum, by the way.

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