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  • Hi,

    I have Windows ME.  I downloaded Quick Time 6.5.2 and now nothing works.  My videos have the Quicktime logo in place of where the video window should be.  I can't play anything on youtube as a result.  Moving and animated pictures, slide shows have the same thing.  I used to have the 5.0 version and everything was fine.  I also had macromedia flash installed but now that doesn't work, I can't work on crossword puzzles or any other games that require it.  When I go to down load it takes me to the Adobe flash player and it says it can't download on my system.  

    I tried to do a system restore thinking that I could go back to an earlier date and that might fix the problem but ran into another snag.  When I've done system restore before it gave me a calendar where I select the month and day of my restore.  Now the calendar doesn't have any dates on it, the year on the header says 1899 or some weird year like that.  How can that be?  Is my restore folder corrupted now and how can I fix that?

    I wish I knew what to do but I don't so I'm asking anybody to please help me!


    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 8:13 PM

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