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  • I think I have a problem. We have a requirement to allow users to create/edit addresses for contacts, but not be able to create/add accounts.

    We are on-premise, rollup 12.

    It appears the "new address" permission is tied directly to the "Account" permission so if they can add or edit addresses they can can also add/edit accounts. This resulted in me being unable to create or edit addresses through the "more addresses" entity.

    I tested this by making a copy of the System Administrator security role, assigning it to my test user, and then unchecking the "Create" button on the account entity.

    This seems like strange behavior to me, and I know the address entity is a fickle beast and functions differently than "normal" entities.

    Is there a way around this short of allowing everyone to create organizations and then controlling it with a plugins that check if the person has a certain security role to prevent them from adding or modifying organizations?

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  • It seems really strange but you could write JavaScript on Onload event of account form to check user security role and if user don't have role you could show alert and close the form.


    Or you could also create custom entity lets say CreateAccount and assign create permission for those users can create account and read user permissions/privileges. Please refer following link


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    Vikram !

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  • Thank you for the respoonse.

    We might have to use the javascript thing, but make it pretty configurable. The issue we have is we have multiple deployments, and then BU's (departments) within those deployments, and then it's up to the customer if they want to allow their staff (or just team leads) to add/modify accounts.

    So deployment 1 might let staff, deployment 2 only lets leads and deployment 3 has one department(BU) who lets staff while the other departmentment only lets team leads.

    Grrrr......I'm hating this permission thing already. Why are address permissions tied to accounts?  **shakes fist**  Actually I know why based on my knowledge of how addresses work in CRM, but it's now causing me headaches since apparently I can't let them add/edit addresses for contacts while not letting them add/edit accounts.

    Maybe we can figure out something.

    PS - I wonder if MS purposely makes this forum not work in Chrome (the submit button doesn't work) :(

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