wondering if microsoft could consider an update that adds processor management to windows xp home & later.. RRS feed

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  • I currently have window xp home but am very disappointed that my 3.06Ghz processor's dedicated fan races from time to time when I am not even running programs that demand strong processor power.


    I wanted to suggest the adding of 2 things, a processor kernel usage control manager that would run in the background which would be controlled by a tab added to the windows task manager.  Within this tab would be a slider for default processor use between 20-100% with an initial setting of 50%.


    Ok, I did get a chance to use Windows Vista Home for some time so I realize that Vista already does something like this but here is where I wanted to take this suggestion to the next mile.  For microsoft to add a performance tab in the properties settings for all files which, if not for anything else, would have the same slider adjustment but overrides the default for that file's performance handling.  Maybe in the future, additional settings for that tab and subwindows triggered from it can further optimize the performance for these files for other things from video acceleration to multichannel sound optimization to advanced networking options.  In cases where numerous files & programs are used and there are manual settings "such as, for example, where a program and the file to run on it both have their own ideal settings", the highest processor setting would be used.


    With this in place, suppose I wanted to play a game that only requires 266mhz processor performance, I can set the slider to, say, 20% and now the processor's fan wouldn't have to labor but suppose I downloaded some 1080p wmv-hd videos with 5.1 sound, I know it's going to demand performance, both to decompress the video and keep up with the frame rate.  Under their tabs, I would set the performance slider to 100%.  I don't mind a little fan acceleration to cool the processor when I know the machine is trying to run such a processor intensive thing.  This is also good for some older games to where older more simplistic written software along with excess processor power may cause issues in the games performance.


    Finally, it would also be great if while this slider is adjusted, the approximate processor performance would be displayed so, for instance, suppose a recording program requires at least a 750Mhz pentium processor, I could slide the slider to that point for the given program's performance tab in its properties so that the machine will run as quietly as it can while still being able to complete its task.


    Please consider adding this for a future windows update for windows xp home and/or tell me what you think or know about this.  I would love to see the suggestion implemented

    Friday, June 29, 2007 12:48 AM