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    The scenario.

    One of My computers Win XP pro was set up, the only user was the administrator (administrator1). This computer was used by a child of my who could not stop playing Halo. So yesterday morning I, to gain some control over the use of the computer, set up another administrator (administrator’s2) account for my self and in users console (My Computer\Manage\Local Users and Groups\Users\Administrator) I disable the main (administrator’s1) account so the child will not be able to access and play. Then I set up a password for the (administrator’s2) and exit.

    After work when I come home the child was good and obedient to the mother and I decided to reinstate the rights back. But before, I wanted to see if the main (administrator1) account would allow to remove the administrator’s rights. And so I did.

    I highlighted the Administrators, (My Computer\Manage\Local Users and Groups\Users\Administrator) in [Member Of] Tab, and clicked remove. To my surprise it worked. Then I proceeded to uncheck the [Account is disable] box, when I realized that the removed admin rights, I removed from the (administrator’s2) in stead of (administrator’s1) and now I can not change any configuration settings because the account (administrator’s2) was turned by thefult to an user account, and the (administrator’s1) remains disable.


    My question is can I undo the situation or do I have to rebuild the HD?




    Saturday, September 15, 2007 2:22 AM

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