Can't see all connected PC's RRS feed

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  • I can't see all all computers connected to the home network consistently. Occasionally, I can see them all, but then something happens and one or more of them drop off. 

    There are 5 PC's, 2 Raspberry Pi's, 2 printers, and 2 cameras on my network. One PC is running Win7 and the rest have Win 10. The rasberry PI's are running raspian stretch.  All PC and the PI's are in the "Workgroup" workgroup. All of them are wireless and all of them are on the same SSID except for one PI that is connected via an access point. I have viewed more than a dozen online posts trying to correct the problem. Here is what I have done so far:

    1. Upgraded all the PC OS's to the latest version.
    2. Rebooted all of them and the wireless router. 
    3. ensured win system have DNS Client, Function Discovery Provider, Function Discovery Resources, SSDP Discovery and UPnP Device Host services set for Automatic start and they are all running.
    4. smpt1 client, server, and auto remove are all enabled. 
    5. reset the networking in all the PC's. 

    As of this writing, the PI on the Access Point is visible from my main PC but the PI connected directly to the wireless network is not visible. I can connect to both PI's with PuTTY if I use the IP address. If I use the device name, PuTTY will only connect to the PI connected to the Access Point (the visible PI). At one time or another all the devices are visible but seldom at the same time. One of the Win 10 PC's is not visible in the Network. 

    I need some help with this.


    Monday, May 6, 2019 7:15 PM