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  • Hi folks,

    Like probably many of you, I have spent a couple of days with "Media Library Errors" when browsing fx. my Pictures on the Remote Web interface.

    I had all my pictures (around 3000 in all) in the root "Pictures" library, and EVERY time I tried to browse it, I got the very indescript "Media Library Error".

    Then, tonight, I rearranged all my pictures in folders. "2000", "2001", "2002" etc. and now the errors are gone. Completely.

    One library ("2010") has about 2500 pictures in it, but that doesn't cause any problems.

    Now....let's not call this a fix. We'll call it a fluke, and it might not help any of you out there. And we'll let it be up to the good people at Microsoft to work on the final release of this product, to replace the "beta" we've paid good money for.


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 10:02 PM