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  • I am trying to have my google calendar and my Outlook calendar have the same information on each, regardless of which one was used to create any specific event.  I have been working on this for some time and searching lots of forums and support rooms, and it seems like most say this is not possible.  However, I have come close, and in fact it was working in the past, so I'd like some clarity on what is and is not possible.  Here are all the details that might be relevant.

    I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011 (version 14.2.5).  I'm working on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.6.8.  I have tried to enable all the syncing options in all programs and on all devices, but maybe there is a quick fix and I just need to change a setting.

    Yesterday I purchased an iPhone 5, but before that I was using a Blackberry, and was able to have my Outlook calendar show all the events from my google calendar as well. Here is what I used to do.  I had my google calendar sync with my iCal, and I also had Outlook sync with my iCal.  So, when I opened iCal, it would show all the events that were created using both calendars.  Then, on my phone, I had google sync so that my Blackberry calendar would wirelessly sync with google.  To sync with Outlook, I would manually connect it to my mac with a cord, and then using Blackberry Desktop Software I would click "sync".  I'm not sure what this synced with, but afterwards I would have all of my google calendar events show up on my Outlook calendar too.

    But now I am using my iPhone 5, and it is not working anymore.  Still, I feel it should be possible by using either my iPhone or iCal as the "go between", because both of those calendars show the events from both my google calendar and my Outlook calendar.  My goal is to have my google calendar and my Outlook calendar also show all the events from each.

    I would think this is possible, since my iCal currently shows all the events from both calendars.  Therefore, if iCal is syncing with google calendar, and it is also syncing with Outlook calendar, shouldn't it work as a transfer point to make both calendars sync with each other?  Meaning, if iCal can "take" and event from google. shouldn't it then be able to "give" that event to Outlook so that it would show up?  This is not happening.

    I ran some tests, so maybe those results would help as well.  If I enter a new event online using google calendar, it is reflected on my iCal and my iPhone.  The same is true if I create a new event in Outlook, it is reflected on iCal and on my phone.  But these new events do not get reflected in the other calendar (google does not get reflected in Outlook's calendar, and vice versa).  If I create an event in iCal, it will sync only with one of either google or outlook, depending which color or "calendar" I am using within iCal.  So if I create an event using my google color/profile, it then shows up online on my google calendar, but not in Outlook.  Same is true the other way around.  In both cases they also show up on my iPhone as well.

    I know this is very wordy and written to sound complicated, but I'm trying to lay out all the details.  Please help.  There mus be a solution right?  If iCal is able to send an event it creates to both google and Outlook, how come it can't send an event that was created in one to the other?

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012 12:22 AM