downgrade to winxp - how to get the valid keys?


  • I can't be the first person to have faced this, yet I can't find this situation discussed/answered.  So where do I look?

    according to Microsoft's instructions about downgrading from win7 pro to winXP pro contained in this page:


    I need to acquire 5 product keys for Windows XP Pro (OEM or Retail) to be able to install the OS.

    Where can I ask how to get valid keys?   I have been unable to find a way to buy these from MS, and buying one elsewhere seems like (1) an invitation to get fleeced and (2) a total ripoff, since I already have a license to use the software.  I just lack the 25-digit key to make it possible.  Does Microsoft even make it possible to exercise my downgrade rights?

    Friday, April 22, 2011 5:58 AM