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  • I am working on a CRM 4.0 deployment. 

    Does any body know how to intercept a Export to Excel using Dynamic PivotTable? I have to detect every Export to Excel and do some workaround. I have managed the Static export but Dynamic exports are giving me troubles.


    Monday, December 13, 2010 2:06 PM


  • Dynamic exports configure SQL queries that are executed directly from within the spreadsheet; I don't know what there will be to "catch".  According to the "field level security" whitepaper :  "Applying field-level security is more problematic with dynamic worksheets however, because the data is retrieved directly by the Excel worksheet at the client from the database by using the filtered views that the CRM product creates and exposes. There is no supported way to intercept or alter the data returned by the CRM provided Filtered Views. As a result, the best option available is to prevent direct access to the database Filtered Views altogether by the user from the client."

    The explanation continues:

    "As a result, the best option available is to prevent direct access to the database Filtered Views altogether by the user from the client. While users lose the functionality provided by the dynamic worksheet feature, this would require users to access data by using channels to which field-level security mechanisms can be applied.
    The options available for securing access via the Export-to-Excel Export feature therefore require access to the Filtered Views in the CRM database to be blocked.
    Note: Additional information about the mechanisms used to achieve this are covered in the section “Direct Access to the Database.”
    To secure data that can be accessed by the Export-to-Excel feature, available options include:

    • Disabling Excel Export for roles that require field-level security. This can be performed using standard CRM role privileges
    • Allowing only Static Worksheets to be exported. While there are no standard product implementations for this, existing options include:
      • Using a product such as Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) to filter requests to the CRM server and intercept worksheet files returned that contain embedded data connections will make this restriction clear to the user. A request containing a dynamic worksheet could be detected in IAG and redirected to a custom page indicated that this is a restricted action which this user is not authorized to perform. This does not prevent a user creating their own Excel Worksheet with a data connection to the CRM database and as a result, the access to the Filtered Views needs also to be separately blocked.
      • Providing a HTTP Module to block requests for dynamic worksheets"

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    Monday, December 13, 2010 8:15 PM