i keep getting this error msg (below) as im unable to listen to a streamed radio station RRS feed

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  • i have restored my computer from points ALSO FULL FACTORY RESTORE no joy in this several times this has been tried the message i get is this WARNING:unexpected character  input:(this looks like a letter t without the curve on the bottom)(ASCII=25)state=1in/home/radigco/public_html/audioplayerSP/checkSpeedAndPlay.html on line 180

    Parse error:syntax error,unexpected"?" in home/radigco/public_html/audioplayerSPcheckSpeedAndPlay.html on line 180

    i have written this with all the info i can give i also have learning dificullties so any tech jargon is way way over my head please explain the solution VERY VERY SIMPLYplease i would so much like some help from someone as i would love to listen to (radio luxembourg) again it worked about july/august 2010 then stopped for some reason when i restarted my computer the next day when i click on the msg "listen live" i get the above error message i dont know if its a problem at my end(computer) or at theirs  with many thanks and appreciation i look forward in hearing from someone soon yours faithfully MR DUNCAN COUTTS-TAYLOR   

    Monday, March 21, 2011 4:20 PM