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  • Hi,


    I've recently registered a website with discountasp.net and couldn't help but notice their promotion of $75 off a trial with adcenter.


    The promo code didn't work so, not to be outdone, I found myself trawling the web for others. However each time I tried one I got the same warning - I think it was that the promotional code had expired. I now reckon its because I'm in the UK.


    I eventually gave up on promo codes and registered without it. Meanwhile, my wife gets a call at home. My credit card company has noticed some suspicious activity and had suspended my credit card account.


    Every time I tried a promo code, Adcenter charged £1 (equivalent to $2) to my credit card (after the £5 registration fee). They did this about 9 times - probably once for every promo code I tried. My credit card company, quite rightly, saw this as pretty odd and have since explained that adcenter were probably testing my card, each time, to see if it was valid.


    I'll need to check my credit card statement to see if I get the £9 back (and there are no more attempts by MS to continue taking £1 every second that will quickly bankrupt me).


    You'll have to agree though - suspended credit card and no promised promo. Its not a good way to start off.



    Saturday, January 26, 2008 2:51 PM

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  • David from Adcentre support has just got back to me to explain that they would only have taken the registration fee. My online credit card statement shows no sign of the £1 test charges and I am now more than happy with the explanation and response I've received from Adcenter team.


    I understand that credit card companies can sometimes get a bit jittery with online transactions at times and in a digital age, these things happen. You still can't use promotions for different currencies under adcenter but I'm told there are promotional codes for various currencies available.






    Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:11 AM