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  • Using Microsoft ICE with the usual quickie test of image stitching on a basic non-camera flat image, I found out that it does not handle ZOOM stitching (for Super-Resolution purposes and general zooming).

    I used IRFANVIEW to crop & save various chunks of test images for basic stitch tests. Simple random crop zones with overlap are good provided that both vertical & horizontal OVERLAP is over 50% (preferably 100%) and Rotation is Automatic also set way above 50%.

    Rotated the image at multiple angles and cropped & saved rotated chunks and added them to the image stitching crop list, also great results in general provided the above settings were used.

    Rescaled the image at various sizes, result, complete failure on the scaled chunks to Super-Resolution properly or stitch correctly with zoom variations.

    Have not tried perspective variations as multi-zoom stitching failure is very problematic especially for images with lens distortion. This means that images with zoom variations will not be scaled or blended properly in Panoramas.  Beyond that Microsoft ICE is shaping up to be a fairly workable product.

    Other serious problems is that there is no obvious way to go back to the STRUCTURED PANORAMA window without starting a new STRUCTURED PANORAMA job and you cannot add or subtract images in that window. You also cannot change image positions like in Adobe Photoshop to "tweak" the image locations for correct positioning if the program fails to find a usable result. For the moment this is not bad as a freebee.

    Monday, June 25, 2012 4:15 AM

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  • That is correct ICE will not search across large ZOOM differences for control points.  It will handle small ZOOM but only using one of the 'planar' motions.  For 'rotating' motion ICE will assume a fixed focal length.
    Monday, June 25, 2012 5:43 PM