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  • I set up and internal hard drive and shared the drive and use my workstation as a hub and the share as a central backup. I did this myself since complaining and closed off ears was all this forum is about all day. I recieved no help here. I can only say that it is interesting that when using one care with an external drive and the windows just recognises it as just another drive, that when it is all done and setup it once care makes it a shared drive with all the settings for you. You can find how to do it yourself internally if you reverse the process and do it manually took me two days to figure out. Some things are simple if I walk away long enough. Don't try to setup the internal share in the normal fashion. It is not even referred to as an external drive like my pen drive I use for password portability.

    Turning off alerts for this forum it is ridiculous. Boiling down to I know more than you do garbage. I will say one last thing as a microsoft partner I am insulted at onecarebears attitude in this forum and this is again why I am considering leaving microsoft for linux. I will say that my customers find it an insult when I tell them it is a mom and pop or child hand holding application. As for Enterprise garbage like acronis and norton, well it is pot luck. I give one care this it works well and I believe that is what everyone is trying to tell you. So well it fact you don't even have to think and that is nice when you have thousands of computers to think about. Thanks, but this man is done with the debate and has no time for childish games any longer.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007 9:01 AM

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  • I'm glad that you got the share setup, David. I have no need for this option, and though it may be a loophole, many people will be interested in giving this a shot if Internal drives are not presented as a valid backup destination.

    As for the forum alerts, I do indeed uncheck that on almost every post as the alerts would inundate my inbox.

    I'm sorry that you find OneCareBear's responses to be insulting. We can all come across pretty harsh sometimes in writing, as we lack the other communication cues that we get during a conversation. His statements and mine, when it comes to issues such as the one that this thread addresses, are our opinions. We can only speculate on the design goals and decisions made as OneCare has been developed unless there is public information from Microsoft that we can quote or refer to. I'm not sure I would call OneCare a "hand holding application," but I do believe that the intent is to provide good security in spite of ourselves. It does appear to work in that the majority of people can install it and pretty much forget that it is protecting them.


    Tuesday, July 24, 2007 2:50 PM