Unable to modify Timeout value in a process RRS feed

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    I have a timeout set to wait 24 hrs before performing additional actions.  I would like to modify the the timeout value, but CRM 2011 is not allowing me to do so (which is odd, because CRM 4.0 would allow the change).  If I click on the step to modify the value, none of the picklists appear correctly... 

    The only value I can see under the entities picklist is the local value for the process.  The timeout option doesn't show under the 2nd picklist.  etc.

    I used the clear button, which does clear the form, but it still doesn't allow me to re-set the criteria.

    My only option seems to be to delete the step and then re-add it.  This is not viable though...  I do not want to have to recreate all of the sub-steps each time I need to modify the value (e.g.  if I want to set the value to 1 minute to do testing, it defeats the purpose if I have to delete all the substeps and recreate them - because then I would have to re-test).

    I've seen other posts about this, so I know it's not just my environment.  However, I haven't seen any resolution.

    Help! :)

    Friday, August 16, 2013 1:24 AM

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