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  • I recently updated this software after not using it for nearly a year.  When I stopped using it the encoding quality was just too low. Comparing the bitrate on videos made by the newest release 1.6 and videos I made a year ago, the quality seems to have improved immensely.  Since there have been zero release notes since update 1.2, I have no way to verify quality improvements were intentional.

    Microsoft, you have never answered our questions.  This wasn't free software and you have an obligation to keep us in the loop.

    The questions are:
    - Is there a technical reason only one bit rate and output format is available?
    - Why are there no release notes for anything past 1.2?

    However, for a 'professional' piece of software, having only one choice in output and bitrate is completely unacceptable.  So is not publishing release notes.  

    I can always re-encode, so I'd even prefer a lossless output to no choices.  But we need answers, or we need solutions.  It appears most everyone here feels scammed that you would attempt to sell us a piece of software that is not usable by professionals.  This forum is monitored by developers according to your site, do the developers not care enough to provide simple answers to our questions?
    Tuesday, October 18, 2016 12:50 PM

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  • I have purchased the software and want to know same answers.

    Could anybody tells about "profesional way"? The same with obligated cut video by the stabilizer. Why can´t choose not stabilization when on tripod? That way we could get real 4k footage of timelapse video from a 4k clip. 

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 11:53 PM