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  • I recently sat for the 70-410 certification. I however ran into an issue which I'm currently trying to resolve. The exam is known to be difficult, and is 150 minutes long. Among other topics it involves questions which require calculating subnet ranges and host numbers...

    I was under the impression I'd have a few minutes to prepare for the exam. In an attempt to be honest (on timing), I clicked to start the exam then spent a few minutes writing the subnet ranges which will be covered in the exam on the dry erase board provided by the testing center. To my surprise, I get a message that the time has expired and the exam has ended!

    I notified the TA and we were unable to restart the exam. A ticket was opened with Pearson. The lackluster response from Pearson was that the exam started correctly, and that I had 5 minutes to accept the terms and conditions. As a result, I forfeit the $150 paid for the exam, and will need to reschedule with payment in full. (Coming from Pearsons IT Program Coordinator for North America?)

    The exam is scheduled with an allotted 150 minutes. I never had an opportunity to move forward with the exam, or answer any of the questions. 

    Am I wrong to argue this one? 

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  • Wow!  Almost had the exact same thing happen to me.  I was writing out the SN table also but I luckily caught the warning before running out of time.  

    I've never been very impressed with Pearson's testing inteface -- seems still 8bit to me -- but their reaction as you described it strikes me as  blatant disregard for their "customers."  For that matter, the whole MS/Pearson certification scheme bothers me.  It seems they are both more concerned with the money they can make off the process than whether or not the system(s) work to produce legitimately certified professionals.  Unfortunately, there's no competition to keep them honest.  I'd keep pestering them and MS until you get resolution!  

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:20 AM
  • Have a  look at


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