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  • I had the idea to introduce a Hotmail e-mail client in the fashion of Outlook Express (Windows XP),

    Windows Mail (Windows Vista) and Windows Live Mail (Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8), the name Hotmail

    has an ''emotional value'' for many Microsoft-users, and since Outlook has replaced Hotmail on the

    web-site, Hotmail could replace Outlook Express(' successors) on the Desktop on Winodows 8.1.

    Many people still use @hotmail.com Microsoft-accounts and it would make sense to fully phase

    out the Windows Live-brand by re-naming the last 2 services (Windows Live Mail & Windows

    Live Writer) as they get integrated into the next Windows.

    ((THE) FORMER-)Windows Live applications which are mostly integrated into Windows 8 and the

    Windows Essentials suite can be shipped with Windows 8.1 as Windows Live Family Safety has

    already been built-into Windows 8 as Microsoft Family Safety, Windows Live Writer could also

    simply become ''Windows Writer'' or ''Microsoft Writer'' as an essential part of Windows 8.1, as

    the Microsoft Security Essentials cannot be downloaded on Windows 8, the Windows Essentials

    can follow a similar role for the future Windows.

    Almost ALL Windows Live services have been beautifully integrated in Windows 8's countless of

    ''modern'' app services, and the popular Windows Live Writer (which some regard as a killer app)

    should follow suit, after suggesting this to some of my friends, they all universally wanted Microsoft

    to develop to develop this.

    Saturday, May 18, 2013 6:29 PM