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  • Hi,

    have done: searching, filtering a (network) drive - network is not relevant ...

    i've got all "main" information the code is:

    $d=get-childitem -directory -path "U:\Biblia Kft képek\$y" -depth 2 | where-object {$_.Name -match '^[AaÁá]\ [Bb]'} | % { $_.fullname }
    #foreach ($a in $d) { get-item -path "U:\Biblia Kft képek\2019\$a" }

    ... ^^^ is example

    what i need next time to clarify path by: first and second parent ....

    i wanna to make links by this: A: founded by depth 2's first letter; B: the second parent - a category; C the year of realized ... them are pics, collected by year-maincateg-title ... and under it are the pics

    so: can search anything ... but ... wanna handle the founded array - under linux no problem for me, but under windows ....

    i'll say many thanks for your answer  ;


    Wednesday, January 23, 2019 3:48 PM