Implementing via WCF but dynamically specifying the tables to sync RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I've been messing around with the sync framework and worked through the examples, but I havent quite gotten what I've been looking for yet.

    I'm trying to sync via the WCF N-Tier method, but this is what I am stuck with:

    In my application (vb winforms), the user logs on via a web service, and the user is authenticated on a central server.  The web service then returns back which entities the user has access to, and which should load up in his navigation..(data access is all web service back and forth). Ok so on the central server I have a table which lists all the entities, and holds the table that the entity governs, permissions and roles are all linked to the entities.  So what I want to be able to do now is have like a bit coloumn to specify if it should sync or not. So when the user authenticates, the web service returns his entities, with the table name in the server side DB and if it should sync. (Once I got this working I'm adding code to the app to first look for data locally, and then remotely)

    What I'm getting at is dynamic contract creation (if I'm correct) in the wcf service and client / winforms side.  So like .. when I work through the wizard when you add the .sync file, isnt working for me.  I need to figure out when I get the list of tables it needs to sync from the server, the client need to dynamicly create the tables in the sqlce db based on the filters I have put it place.. I've looked at the designer of the .sync file and it looks like it specificly creates the markup in the file to the tables it needs to sync......

    Anyone got an Idea how I'll be able to manage that?  If we can start a discussion on this to help me get through it I would love to blog about this cause I think there might be alot of people out there that also wants to try this but has no clue how to do it (like me) I am willing to pay for anyone that can help me build this.. pllllllzzzzz...yup, that's how desperate I am to get sync working...

    Thanks alot in advance

    \\Tjopsta// http://tjopsta.net
    Wednesday, June 2, 2010 6:55 PM