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  • I have had my WHS version 1 PP3 with a 3.18TB storage capacity for 3 years and recently one of the 5 drives failed - not the system drive.  After moving all of the data off the failing drive I replaced it with a good drive with no loss of backup data to my knowledge.  I have been trying to research what I would have to do if the system disk fails.

    I am using the WHS totally as a backup server for 3 client PC's.  I do not have any data in any of the WHS shared folders: Music, Owner, Photos, Public. Recorded TV or Videos.  I do have a small amount of data (my add-ins) in the Software shared folder.

    I do not have Folder Duplication turned ON.  Instead I am using a WHS registry edit which is suppose to duplicate the backups on WHS:

    Navigate to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\Storage Manager\Folders\00008086-058d-4c89-ab57-a7f909a47ab4\Attributes

    In Regedit highlight Attributes and select EDIT/NEW/DWORD VALUE from the menu and add a new DWORD named Reliable with a value of 1. Close the Registry Editor.


    I am under the impression this is better than turning on Folder Duplication as the entire backup database will be duplicated across all of the drives instead of the contents of the Shared Folders which I am not using.


    Alex Kuretz has developed the Backup Database Backup (BDBB) Add-in which backs up the WHS backup database to an external hard drive which will be helpful if the WHS fails.  I am not using this Add-in because I have not been able to find a single external drive that has a capacity of at least 3TB to match my WHS storage capacity.  I am told that you can't simply put multiple individual drives into a multi-drive enclosure to obtain a larger storage capacity that appears as one single drive unless they are configured as a RAID, etc.


    Another question -  I read all of the time in the forums about a "share/s", network share/s or "duplicating a share".  What is a share?


    I would really appreciate anyone's thoughts.


    Thank You.



    Best Regards, Bill Artman Kansas City - USA
    Saturday, March 12, 2011 6:20 PM

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  • When my data drive failed (2 x 500Gb, 2 x 1Tb), I switched off duplication,

    and the WHS took over the transfer of the mirrored data to the point that

    I could extract and replace the dying drive. All my data is backed-up on

    Blu-ray - 22Gb per disc is phenomenal capacity. So, should it be that

    the system-drive expires, it is simply a case of re-installing and updating

    WHS, and all data can be re-introduced from the hard-copy backup.

    I did once backup to the super-slim WD Passport USB external HDD,

    but, in the simple action of flipping the device over whilst it was writing,

    it broke! Which is a reminder that the best backup is hard-copy.

    As a result of the failed drive, I did lose all my previous backups to

    three computers on WHS. I use Acronis True Image now, to backup

    my backups, those are hard-copied too. WHS and hardware prone to

    failure can leave you high and dry. Not to push the point too far, but

    backup with hard-copy all the time.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011 12:17 PM