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  • I am presently running WHS, at home, on my old PC with 2 x 750Go internal drives.

    I am planning to add USB external drives because I would like to have external copies of the files as backup.

    My plan is to have two sets of external drives and to switch every week one set of external drives and keep the non-attahced set in another buiding (my office) in order to have a backup in a different location.


    Will WHS create automatically the duplicated folders on the external drives and not on one of the internal drives ?

    What are the criteria for WHS to choose where to copy the duplicated folders ?


    How WHS will behave if I switch the external drives every week ?


    Thank you from Normandy - France for your feedback.


    Thursday, November 29, 2007 7:56 AM


  • Pierre


    What you want to do is not how WHS works.


    When you add a drive to WHS it is added to the pool and is not really seen as a seperate drive anymore in storage terms. WHS will use folder duplication to add copies to other drives but you cannot specify which one of your additional drives the copies will go on (unless you only have one additional drive).


    If you unplug a drive without removing it via WHS then WHS will complain and you may lose data. If you go through the WHS process of removing a drive then the data will be moved to other drives in your WHS (assuming you have enough free space).


    If you just want to keep copies of your shared folders as backup, then just copy the data to an external drive each week - there are plenty of programs out there that will help you to do that.




    Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:13 AM