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    I have been researching many of these backup ideas.  Came to the conclusion that you can buy quite a few devices ( seagate, maxtor, buffalo, etc.) all already have Ftp access and auto backup of file storage on drives that cost about 120 bucks.  You can also load freeNAS on an old computer and setup the same concept as the current windows Server.   So my suggestion or input would be that Windows server should have an option for some sort of email or contacts  as an option, as this is basically what the others are missing.  Also the capability to stream off of it instead of just being able to download a song, movie, or files.   I would also like to see the capability to use a program on the server remotely such as someone logging in and using Quickbooks. I know this sounds like a lot to ask for but.  You have to have a product that does more than what everyone already has out there.  As i have read in other post multiple versions of HOme server or even options to buy addons would be Great.



    Sunday, March 4, 2007 3:25 PM

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  • Well, NAS products aren't very expandable, and you usually can't replace their internal drives at all. With WHS, you can just plug in additional storage as you need it. And if you've got an old, small drive attached, you can replace it. All the storage managed by WHS is automatically available to users (no need to create more shares), and the backups are designed to provide maximum functionality with minimum disk consumption. WHS load balances data across multiple disks for redundancy (of shares marked for such treatment) and performance.

    WHS is not intended to be an application server, so remote login to the server itself to use QuickBooks is unlikely to happen. However, assuming you've got everything properly set up, you can log in to your WHS using the Remote Web Workplace features that are built in, then remote out to a client PC on your network and use QuickBooks from there.

    Likewise, it's not intended to be a replacement for SBS. If you need the features in SBS, you will probably either have to "roll your own," buy SBS, or wait until someone releases an add-on for WHS that supports those features.

    Streaming to uPnP consumers that can deal with Media Connect is already there. That's pretty limited, I'll admit.
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 4:06 PM
  • thanks for the info.  Yeah i have used the remote into it.  that works pretty well.  I do know it is a beta and I am just getting familiar with the features.  Thanks for the input.                                                       Jamie
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 11:40 PM