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  • When I try to run backup and copy selected files to CD-RWs, it does not work.  This is a part of the work we need to do with any PC.  You need to have the option to download the Microsoft format tool and prepare any media to either write, erase, format or append any selected media.  Actually, this should be a part of system tools that is initially installed!  It was frustrating to learn we had to go find and download the tool later....


    We do have our original XP disks somewhere.  However, we just did not have the time to run the gauntlet and find tools that should already be there.  Therefore, my OneCare bubble is always yellow!    This was dumb.  There are many things that do not need to be installed automatically, initially.  AOL online and a multitude of buy this stuff; blah blah blah junk.  Give me the working tools for doing work.  That's it.  I will look at the rest of the stuff someday and when I have the time.  Tools to do work should always be included in initial installations.  Fluff, if so desired, should be an option and selected later! 


    I like the colors and cool stuff.  Windows has always been a hog on any drive.  My recommendation is to put some of the cool stuff that matters and all the tools needed up front.  Why?  Because I cannot go out and buy a larger computer system everytime this *** changes.  What most of us want is a workable tool (computer) with absolute security that exposes and makes accountable (heavily fined and brought to justice for prison terms) those who attempt to or who are in company with those who program, incrypt, create extracts and pass confidential information to anyone for terms of malice.


    Well HELLO bad guys!  we know where you live...you have no place to hide.  We can trace any orgin or any message ever sent.  That is the one thing that Microsoft did do right!


    Well, I have been advised to close.     

    Saturday, February 9, 2008 5:40 AM

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  • Can you explain what happens when you try to use a backup in OneCare with a destination of CD/DVD?

    If you are using CD/RW discs, I'd suggest using CDR. OneCare doesn't like previously erased CDRW, in particular, but it can also have problems with a blank RW disc.



    Sunday, February 10, 2008 3:05 AM