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  • Hi there,

    This is similar to other people, but I was wondering what my options were.

    I have an old Thinkpad that ran XP Pro (surplus from a company) that I've been happily using as a home server. It didn't come with any recovery discs. The hard drive crashed. (Well, the SMART reading told me it had 36% working, it wouldn't boot, and it refused to be imaged). So with all that in mind, I set out to install XP Pro on the server. I have a Dell OEM XP Install disc, and also a non-OEM install disc. I have the product keys for both of those, but they're in use. I also have the product key that's on the bottom of the Thinkpad (and, for that matter, ANOTHER product key on the bottom of another Thinkpad that had been made to run Red Hat).

    I understand that I can't use the product key from either Thinkpad without a recovery disc from Lenovo; I'm uncertain if that means a recovery disc for "Thinkpads" for "Lenovos" for "this specific motherboard" or what precisely that entails. Or at least, I understand that I can't use those product keys to install it.

    Is it be possible to install the retail version of XP Pro on the Thinkpad with the retail disc and that product key, and then change the product key to the Thinkpad OEM code before activating it? Because that would solve a lot of problems. The whole discussion about how the OEM is tied to the motherboard doesn't really apply here; only the hard drive died, nothing else.

    If anyone can give any advice here, I'd much appreciate it.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010 4:54 AM