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  • I have had Windows Live OneCare on a home network of three PC's for a few years now and it is working so well all the time, I hate to see it discontinued after October.

    Recently I ran into some difficulty with the hub PC that necessitated a complete system recovery, which meant that the hard drive was reformatted.  Upon recovery of the PC, I re-installed OneCare and it is working well as always, except that I can no longer make this PC the hub PC.

    When I open OneCare and go to "Manage Your OneCare Circle", I do not get the three choices that were available prior to the re-install. The three choices are (1) "Add a PC to your OneCare Circle", (2) "Make this PC a hub PC", and (3) "Remove this PC". With this new install, option 2 is not available on this PC. I can, however, make either of the other two PC's a hub PC because this option is readily available on them.

    I would much prefer to have this PC as the hub because it is central of the three, and most convenient for me insofar as monitoring the network circle is concerned. I suppose with Microsoft discontinuing OneCare in October of this year, it may no longer offer technical support. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    I will miss Live OneCare as my security system and I hope I can find something similar to replace it with




    I hope I have reached at the right place. I have Live One Care for a few years now, (hate to see it go in October), on a home network of 3 PC's. Recently I ran into difficulty with the hub PC where I was forced to do a system recovery whereby the hard drive was re-formatted. Upon recovery of the PC I reinstalled Live One care and it is working fine except that I cannot make this PC my hub PC any longer. When I open One Care and go to "Manage Your OneCare Circle", I should get from the drop down list, 3 choices, namely (1)"Add a PC to your Onecare Circle" (2) "Rename This PC", and (3) "Make this PC a hub PC". The problem is, I get only the first 2 choices and not the third, and so I cannot return this PC to hub PC status. Any help will greatly appreciated
    Friday, July 9, 2010 4:21 AM


  • When you go to "Manage you OneCare Circle" on this reinstalled PC, do you see the other PCs listed? If so, it already is a hub, having been recognized by the PC name on the activation of OneCare.


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    Friday, July 9, 2010 9:03 AM

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