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  • I had alot of problems with my old printer configurations so I finally just broke down and purchased a network printer the HP c6150 to be exact.  I hooked it up and then tried the full HP setup on WHS and kept getting a error during the setup prep referencing a bad parameter during a stage that the install refered to as "setting recovery point".   I tried a number of the basics including reboots using the HP uninstall tool and then the fix of hacking the oemsetup.inf for Win2k3 compatibility all no luck. 


    I can setup the printer just by creating the connection manually so there seems to be something in the setup prep not the driver itself.


    Again this is with the HP c6150 on WHS connected via wireless on the same subnet using the driver CD that shipped with the HP printer.


    Figured I would post it becase this printer series is fairly popular for home users and it looks like it may be a legit bug / incompatibility that I did not see referenced here already in my searches.  I am not in need of solving this problem right now.

    Friday, August 17, 2007 5:14 AM

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  • I purchased the same printer, C6150, from Costco a few days ago. I spent the better part of 7-8 hours yesterday, Sunday, speaking with two Level 1 technicians from HP. One was in India, and the other in Canada. We tried everything under the sun that they could to get the software to work with the printer on wireless to no avail. Finally, late last night, the techie said to connect the printer with the USB wire, and of course, it worked right away.

    The techie advised me that another tech person, a Level 2, will call me this evening to try to resolve the wireless being able to communicate with the software. The printer does show up as being connected to my wireless router, and we were able to perform some tests direct from my computer, but unfortunately, not from the Solution Center with the various tabs.

    I've decided that if the Level 2 tech person is unable to resolve this problem today that I will just return the printer to Costco. I've already put far too much time and effort on my own along with the time spent with the tech persons. IMO, there is something buggie about the software. I am using a Gateway with an Intel Pentium D Processor 820 dual core along with the Belkin Pre-N router. It works fine with my other wireless networked computer, and one of my in-laws visited me last year, and he was able to log into my wireless with his laptop right away. The Belkin is one of the better rated routers on the market.

    I'm very disappointed. It seem like a great printer, but I really wanted it for wireless as I was going to purchase a new laptop with wireless that I could operate anywhere in and around my home. Also, my current two wireless desktop computers could have easily used the wireless printer. On my Gateway, I'm using Windows XP, and on my HP desktop, I'm using Windows ME. When I installed the HP software on my HP desktop, it found the same problems similar to my Gateway. It would not communicate with the printer.

    Should I be able to resolve this problem today, I will let you know one way or another, and if you've been able to resolve your problem, I would appreciate your input.

    Monday, August 27, 2007 11:39 PM
  • Well..it seems to me that the two techies who spent hours with me on the telephone could have easily advised me that HP has a big problem with many users as their software that comes with the C6150 is not configuring the proper ports for the firewall.

    The Level 2 techie who called me this evening kinda led me to the right port numbers that need to be included in my McAfee firewall. You can find the firewall port numbers at HP's website support section for this printer. You'll be able to see the port numbers they wnat you to insert in the proper section of your firewall. I went to my McAfee firewall clicking on Options then System Services. Here is where a number of ports are listed, and you can add those port numbers which are listed by HP. FYI, the UDP ports are: 161, 427, and 137 & the TCP ports are:  9220, 9500, and 9290. Each of these numbers must be listed twice into the proper sections. I configured these port numbers after I had uninstalled all of the HP software. I turned on my printer, and I reinstalled the software. And lo and behold, my Solutions Center works just fine.

    This was such a simple thing to do,and I really don't understand why the first two techies didn't help me this matter. Once I checked this out with a Diagnostic Test, I went to my secondary networked wireless computer, the HP with Windows ME. I brought up HP's Digital Imaging Monitor (Solutions Center), and everything worked just fine.

    I'm kinda miffed that I spent an entire day, yesterday, trouble shooting this problem. Today, I called up the Costco store where I bought this printer. I asked them to do a check on how many they've sold and how many have been returned. They told me that they had sold 30 and that 7 of them had been returned. I suspect many of the returned printers was because the users had a difficult time with HP's software and configuring the proper ports for wireless. HP tells you in their instructions that they have no obligation to help you with your router and setting up wireless. This is not an good policy.

    The Level 2 techie did not want to go beyond telling me about the proper port numbers, and that they can be inserted either on the firewall or on your router settings. I chose the McAfee firewall.

    I dont' know if you are having the same difficulty as me, but if this info can help you, then I would be pleased.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 7:53 AM
  • Interesting I will have to try that.  Level 2 support from HP was much less helpful for me.  Thanks for the post.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 10:11 PM