Time is right to ask Microsoft to "free" Microsoft Money source? RRS feed

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  • This article caught my eye today 

    Microsoft: we were wrong about open source


    Perhaps the time is right to approach Microsoft brass with an open letter asking them to "open/free" Microsoft Money source. 

    Anyone willing to do some leg works?

    * Find the right person/channel inside Microsoft who will champion our cause

    * Drafting the open letter

    I know this is getting way ahead of ourselves but as a thought exercise, let's say $M says "Sure, we will consider open it"

    What would you like to happend?

      1. No new development: good to know what is under hood so that we can figure out work-around for hard to fix problem

      2. Bug fix only: try to fix bug that has no work-around

      3. Add some feature: I think notiably will be the quote update

      4. Look for opportunity to migrate to current database and UI

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020 9:19 PM

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  • I know Dan Gaier (of Gaier Software; MSMoneyQuotes program) is very familiar with the program, and was the software developer who built the Portfolio Manager for Money, worked on the MSN quote services that powered them, and in 2009 built the Money-to-Quicken Converter for Intuit.  Conceivably, he might be the ideal person to champion the effort, but he isn't "inside" Microsoft any longer.  For all I know, he could already have his own improved version ;)

    The program does have some minor bugs, but it doesn't crash, so in my mind, the main things I would like to see happen are:

    • Incorporate the patched dll, and perhaps have one version that accommodates all regions around the world
    • Not have it be so dependent on Internet Explorer, since it's end-of-life date might not be too far away
    • Perhaps make it a 64-bit program, rather than 32-bit, so that it's future is guaranteed
    • Make it easy to archive (investment) data that is no longer needed, or at least be able to split-off and merge databases
    • Integrating quote and statement updates would be nice, but our current outside solutions aren't so bad
    • The current relational database (Microsoft Access) seems adequate (only works in Windows), but if there is a newer, more efficient, cross-platform database (like MySQL) to port over to without much struggle, I'm for that too

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  • That's an excellent idea. I have tested Money in a virtual machine using Hyoer V on Windows 10 should the old program ever fail to work.

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  • hi can you translate please i wrote to DAN few days ago and he does'not answer  thank you


    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 3:58 PM