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    I've been experiencing some weird behavior while editing my posts in these forums and I'd just like to know whether the forum team is aware of these issues and has any plans to fix them.

    1. Editing a discussion post vs. editing a question post has different behaviors in terms of the line spacing for code snippets.  The single-line spacing of code snippets is not maintained when editing a discussion post.  When I click edit, code snippets explode with whitespace in the in-line HTML editor.  The effect is that I can't edit any of my discussion posts without replacing every code snippet entirely, because if I don't then all code snippets become triple-spaced instead of single-spaced.  This also used to be a problem for question posts, IIRC, but it seems to be fixed now.
    2. Code formatting is generally much better now, although I'm still annoyed by the fact that once code is submitted it loses its mono-spaced (Courier New)-style font.  It's quite annoying that the spaces that I add to pad each line of my C# code makes them line up perfectly in the code editor and in the preview while editing the post, but then after submission the code becomes formatted like regular text (in terms of font and spacing).  The only distinction that my code is actually a code snippet is the slight colorization (a few keywords are blue).  I'd really prefer if code continued to look like code after being submitted.  A thin solid border would also be pretty nice; at least something to distinguish code snippets from the regular text.
    3. When I click the Reply or Edit links too fast, before the page has finished loading, then they don't work.  It may result in an error dialog or just a redirection to some strange stand-alone edit page instead of the in-line HTML editor (see #4 below for more details).
    4. I can't edit the same post more than twice in a row.  Usually, after the second or third time clicking the Edit link, my post is opened into a strange editor page (also referred to in #3 above) instead of the in-line HTML editor.  This new page contains a regular text box with all of the raw HTML content of my post dumped into it.  There's actually a button to submit changes, but IIRC it doesn't work anyway.  I have to click back in my browser (IE8) to leave this strange edit page and go back to the actual thread, but then I have to click back again and go all the way out to the threads list because the Edit link still doesn't work.  Once I'm on the thread list, I can select the thread again to reload it from scratch.  Then I can edit my post - but not more than twice in a row, again, without exiting the thread first.

    If your suggestion for #4 is that I should be more careful before posting so that I don't have to edit the same post more than once or twice after submitting it, that's just not a reasonable option for me.  Reviewing a submitted post just isn't the same as reviewing a work-in-progress; I don't know why, but often I just happen to find new issues after I submit my posts, regardless of how carefully I review them before submitting.  And given the volatile nature of an online browser-based HTML editor, I'm just not comfortable accumulating several edits at once and then performing only a single update submission - I've been burned too many times before by losing posts due to silly things, like the Backspace key causing my browser to go back in history, the forum crashing while trying to submit my changes, local network related issues, etc.  I think of repeated edits like pressing Ctrl+S to save my Word doc after each change.  It's a safety thing and it's easier than copying and pasting the entire post into notepad between edits.  (I already do this when writing new posts - another huge pain.)


    Thursday, April 29, 2010 3:00 AM