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    Windows Live OneCare Uninstall Forum.....or maybe "How can I waste my weekend after paying for a subscription that ended months and months ago and I can't get it off my computer that I haven't used for over as year and Microsft Security Essentials that WON'T install because a version of OneCare exists already and the removal tool won't initiate which need to be tried because my contol panel won't appear to reach unistall programs because my computer probably has a virus which has also cut off internet access on that machine which I'm thinking was because I had to use a burn a disc to transfer Microsoft Malicious software tool over which took an hour because the copy function was frozen and I was able to get Windows Explorer after 15 attempts to drag the file onto the desktop which would not initialize but after I dragged over twice and the file was renamed (2) just like the Security Essentials file (2) it ran perfectly but did not identify any mailicous software so I'm going to attempt to reinstall Vista on the 32 bit machine which is exactly what happened to my laptop in early 2009 so this is deva vu again (sic)."



    Monday, September 6, 2010 7:15 PM

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